October is Rat and Mouse Month – What to Know About Cold Weather and Rodents

Mice and rats usually stay outdoors when it’s warm, but things can change when the weather gets cooler. As it gets colder, mice and rats look for places to go where they can stay warm and dry. They also look for places that offer plenty of food and water, which could mean inside your home. Read on to learn more about why you might need NJ rodent control this season.

Rodent Behavior in Fall and Winter

Mice and rats don’t like to be outside when the temperatures drop. Instead, they make sure they find shelter in a place that offers warmth and other things they need to survive. In some cases, these rodents get into homes and decide to stay. Rats and mice can squeeze through narrow cracks and tiny gaps. When they’re indoors, they can build nests in walls or other areas of homes that are out of the way. During the night, these critters tend to come out of their nest and forage for food.

Preventing Rodents During Cold Weather

Sealing up entry points and eliminating sources of water and food for rodents make them less likely to invade your home. Empty pet dishes each day, take out the garbage and keep food in sealed containers to discourage these pests.

If you need NJ rodent control for your home when it’s cold outside, please contact Allison Pest Control.

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