What Pests Can You Expect to Try to Move Into Your Home this Winter?

Some pests aren’t able to deal with the cold, which causes them to seek indoor places for shelter. During the fall and winter months, you might need a Farmingdale NJ exterminator to come into your home and eliminate ants or other pests that have found their way inside. The following pests commonly move indoors to escape the cold.


Certain kinds of ants are busy throughout the year, especially if they find a warm place to go for winter. Among these are invasive Argentine ants and carpenter ants. Argentine ants build huge colonies, while carpenter ants destroy wood inside homes while expanding their colonies.


Flies tend to be more active in summer, but they could end up lurking inside your home in large groups during the winter months. You also might see houseflies and other flies in your home when outdoor temperatures start to warm up again.


Ladybugs try to get inside your home to stay warm during winter. Although they’re cute bugs, they can become pests when they infest your home in large groups.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs, named for the odor they give off when crushed, typically enter homes during fall. These bugs can invade your home in large numbers and are hard to eliminate.

If you need a Farmingdale NJ exterminator to deal with winter pests in your home, please contact Allison Pest Control today.

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