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Freehold, the county seat of Monmouth County, New Jersey, has a rich tradition dating back to 1650. It retains the feel of small-town Americana while serving as a fascinating bridge between Revolutionary times and today’s culture.

Downtown Freehold still features many beautiful buildings that date back to the 1800s and earlier, while majestic Victorian homes can be found on residential streets. Visitors and residents alike enjoy outdoor activities on the grounds of Monmouth Battlefield, site of one of the most significant battles of the Revolutionary War.

Pest Control in Freehold, NJ and Pest Extermination

While the classic architecture of Freehold adds charm, it can also provide a tempting target for insect invaders. Allison Pest Control has been serving Freehold as a part of the Monmouth County community since 1917. Our professional staff has experience eliminating any pest that may threaten your home or office.

Termites Threaten Buildings in Freehold

Wherever you find wood, you’re bound to find termites. One in five New Jersey homes falls victim to this voracious insect that feeds on cellulose, the fibrous component found in wood and wood products. Thanks to their minute size, termites are able to live in underground colonies populated by thousands and even millions, enabling them to invade by stealth.

Termites found in Freehold belong to the Eastern Subterranean species. These insects resemble a grain of rice in both size and color, although placement in their colonies’ rigid caste system accounts for certain differences in appearance. While most live no longer than two years, kings and queens can survive for as many as 25 to 30 years.

Their sheer numbers combined with strong self-preservation instincts make termites difficult to eliminate. Our NJ pest control experts use safe, effective methods to remove every trace of them from your Freehold home or office.

Rodents Seek Hospitality in Your Freehold Home

With its proximity to large outdoor areas, Freehold is vulnerable to indoor invasions of rodents. Falling temperatures in New Jersey drive rats and mice to seek shelter in the comfort of your Freehold home, which is far warmer than a hollowed-out tree trunk. Their sharp teeth require them to gnaw constantly on wood, boxes and even electrical wiring, adding the possibility of fire to the list of dangerous effects.

Rodents also pose a significant health threat. Their pungent urine soaks through insulation, ceilings and floorboards, befouling structure and possessions alike. Airborne particles from their feces can result in serious respiratory illnesses. Our trained technicians exterminate rats and mice and evaluate where rodents are finding their way into your home.

New Jersey Pest Home Protection Plan

Whether you have a home or a business in Freehold, we have a pest management program to accommodate your particular needs. Preventing a problem is more convenient and cost-effective than treating an infestation.

Trust your home or office to Allison Pest Control, the top exterminator serving Freehold and eastern New Jersey. Call us today at Freehold 732-446-9775 for a free pest ID and inspection.

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