Common Mice Found in Our New Jersey Locale

As it cools down outside, mice typically search for warm places to go for shelter during winter. This might mean your home, which can cause problems ranging from food contamination to health hazards. You might find that you need Farmingdale rat and mouse control services this fall and winter for the following type of mice:

House Mouse

House mice are very common in NJ. These brownish or grayish mice grow to be about 2 inches long as adults. House mice have voracious appetites and spread feces and urine throughout homes while they’re looking around for food. They can also carry ticks and other harmful parasites inside your home.

Deer Mouse

Deer mice or field mice tend to live outdoors, but they might come inside if they lose their local habitat. These mice grow to around 3 inches long and have brownish fur with a white belly. Deer mice are known carriers of Hantavirus and can also spread Lyme disease if they’re covered with deer ticks.

White-Footed Mouse

White-footed mice or wood mice typically live in wooded areas or near marshes. These mice have distinctive white feet and a light brown coloring. They’re similar in size to deer mice and can be confused with them. White-footed mice are also known for spreading Hantavirus and Lyme disease.

If you need Farmingdale rat and mouse control, please contact Allison Pest Control today to learn more about our services.

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