New Jersey Rodent Extermination Services

Rodent control is a job for knowledgeable, experienced pest control experts. Successful rodent exclusion requires that all entry and exit points be identified and completely sealed to prevent rodents from returning.

It is important to know that amateurs who attempt do-it-yourself rodent control risk dangerous exposure to the many harmful parasites and diseases rodents carry. Also, improperly administered poisons can trap dying rodents inside walls where the stench of their decomposition can be nauseating and drive away customers.

Home and business owners can aid in rodent control by eliminating attractants, following good sanitation practices and maintaining their property in good repair.

Allison Pest Control offers rodent trapping, rodent monitoring and rodent exclusion to fight rodent infestations. Allison Pest Control’s rodent control experts use this pest’s habits against it to control infestations. Rodents are curious and will investigate new objects in their environment.

They are also creatures of habit that follow known pathways. When rodent activity is discovered, Allison Pest Control rodent control experts will carefully inspect the entire premises both inside and out to locate entry and exit points and traffic paths being used by rodents.

Our rodent exclusion recommendations should be followed quickly to seal larger access points as soon as possible to discourage rodent activity.

Rodent Exclusion and Rodent Extermination Services

Rodent Trapping. Allison Pest Control uses only the industry’s most effective rodent snap and glue traps. Traps are baited with a non-toxic bait that is not harmful to pets. Baited traps are carefully placed in rodent pathways for maximum effectiveness. Allison Pest Control technicians inspect traps on a regular basis to remove rodent carcasses and rebait traps as necessary.

Rodent Monitoring. Locked, tamper-proof bait stations are placed around the perimeter of the residential or commercial building by Allison Pest Control’s rodent control experts. An anticoagulant rodenticide is used to kill and eliminate problem rodents. Bait stations are regularly inspected and rebaited as necessary.

Rodent Exclusion. Rodent-impervious materials are used to seal accessible rodent entry points 1/4 inch in diameter or larger. Caulking and wire mesh screens are used to prevent rodents from gaining entry to your home or business. Our service technicians will provide this service for small intrusion points as part of our rodent program.

Furthermore, when rodent extermination is complete, discovered nesting sites should be professionally cleaned and disinfected to remove disease organisms and parasites. Because of the serious health risk they pose, rodents should be eliminated quickly when discovered.

The combination of Allison Pest Control’s rodent trapping, monitoring and exclusion services creates a safe, rodent-free environment that protects your family, employees and customers.