Buckle Up, Ants Have Invaded this Airplane

Ants are normally a concern when you have a picnic or backyard barbecue, but do you need to worry about them when you fly? Passengers on a recent flight ended up dealing with an unexpected ant infestation on board.

Airplane Ants

An overseas United Airlines flight from Venice, Italy to Newark had an ant problem thanks to one passenger’s carry-on bag. Passengers started noticing ants crawling around on seats and other parts of the cabin. Crew members and passengers did their best to get rid of these ants before discovering that they were coming out of a bag in an overhead bin. Once the plane landed, it was thoroughly cleaned and these pests were eliminated.

Ant Prevention Tips

There’s not much you can do about preventing ant problems when you fly, but you can take steps to prevent them in your home. Clean crumbs and spills up right away, and seal up gaps and cracks around doors and windows to keep these pests out.

Keep in mind that prompt pest control in Monmouth County is important if ants do end up inside your home. Otherwise, they can establish large colonies inside walls and other parts of your house.

If ants have invaded your kitchen or other areas of your home, please contact Allison Pest Control. We offer dependable pest control in Monmouth County to rid your home of ants.

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