It is Complicated, But You Can Sniff Out Bed Bugs?

When it comes to sniffing out bed bugs, does the nose know? Here’s a look at ways to identify a bed bug infestation and why the sense of smell can be a valuable weapon in bed bug extermination.

Do Bed Bugs Have a Scent?

Bed bug infestations often generate a smell that is been likened to the sweet, slightly musty scent of ripe coriander seeds. At one time, bed bugs were sometimes referred to as coriander bugs.

If you detect a citrusy smell that transitions to a soapy scent, there is a good chance it is from bed bugs. The smell comes from pheromones emitted by the pests when they are disturbed as well as from their fecal matter.

Verify the Presence of Bed Bugs with Visual Inspection

Scents are often subjective, so if you cannot be certain about smells, turn to your sense of sight.

• Unexplained bites on your arms, legs and other exposed areas are often a sign of bed bugs. The bites are usually concentrated in an area and may be in a straight or zig-zag line.

• Reddish-brown spots on bedding or furniture could be from bed bug feces or the remains of bed bugs you may have unconsciously crushed in your sleep.

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