Carpenter Ants Remain in the Nest During NJ Winters – Waiting for Spring

When it’s cold outside, it’s easy to think that you’re safe from pests, including carpenter ants. However, these ants don’t die off or leave the area during winter. Instead, they find a warm, suitable place to spend the season until spring and warmer temperatures arrive. Find out why you might need pest control in Monmouth County for carpenter ants this winter.

Carpenter Ants in Winter

Carpenter ants are able to form large colonies. Unfortunately, these ants tend to look for wooden structures to stay-over in winter, including the walls of homes. During the winter months, you could have hundreds of these winged ants hiding in wait inside your walls until spring. They’re not active in winter when they’re in an outdoor shelter, but they can be active when they make nests inside homes.

Carpenter Ants in Spring

Carpenter ants might not be very busy throughout the winter months. When spring arrives, though, you might start seeing these ants around more often. Carpenter ants emerge from hiding when the temperatures become warm enough. Keep in mind that they can number up to 400 or more per colony, so it’s important to have their nest eliminated.

If you’ve seen carpenter ants or any signs of these pests in your NJ home, such as wood damage, please contact Allison Pest Control for help. Our team provides dependable pest control in Monmouth County for NJ homeowners.

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