Ants Like to Make New Jersey Homes THEIR Home Year Round

Ants are a common-enough sight outdoors, but some NJ homeowners end up seeing them indoors as well. Some types of ants, such as pavement ants, can invade homes and build nests. Since these pests can stick around all year long, it’s important to get help from professional pest control in Monmouth County.

How Do They Get In?

Pavement ants and other ants have an easy time getting into homes. All they need to do is find a tiny opening in order to gain access to sheltered areas where they can establish a colony. Tiny cracks around doors and windows and small gaps in foundations provide these pests with a convenient way to get inside.

Why Do They Stay?

When they take up residence in NJ homes, these ants have everything they need in order for their colony to thrive. Being inside a wall or other part of a home gives them a warm place to stay in the colder part of the year. Households also tend to have a lot of food that these ants are drawn to, such as sweets, cheese and meat. As they search for food, they contaminate all of the surfaces they touch, making it important to eliminate them.

If ants are sharing your home, contact Allison Pest Control for help. Our experts offer professional pest control in Monmouth County, so you don’t have to live with them.

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