NJ Carpenter Ant Control – What You Need to Know About Carpenter Ants in New Jersey

Carpenter ants are household pests when it comes to wood damage, just as termites are. However, these ants differ in a few significant ways from termites. Knowing more about carpenter ants can help you identify an infestation sooner and have NJ pest control services handle it for you.

Carpenter Ant Diet

Do carpenter ants actually eat the wood inside your home? Unlike termites, who do feast on wood, carpenter ants don’t consume it. Instead, they drill holes in the wood in the order to build their tunnels and nesting sites. This can lead to cosmetic damage in your home, although a heavy infestation can cause more serious damage.

Carpenter Ant Nests

How do you know if you have a carpenter ant nest inside your home? These ants build parent colony nests and satellite colony nests. You’re unlikely to have parent colony nests in your home, since these are usually built in tree roots, stumps and other outdoor areas with decaying wood.

However, satellite colony nests can be built inside your home, such as in insulation or wall voids. You’ll need to find these nests in order to thoroughly rid your home of carpenter ants. This is a challenging task that you’re better off letting professional pest experts handle.

Are carpenter ants putting holes in your home? Contact Allison Pest Control today for more information on our NJ pest control services.

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