Study Offers Evidence that Bed Bugs Can Transmit the Chagas Disease Pathogen to Humans

Bed bugs have a well-earned reputation for being a nuisance, but could they also be a health risk? In addition to the itchy bites these bugs cause, scientists have found evidence that they could also potentially spread Chagas disease. This finding is an important reminder that homeowners should get professional Monmouth County pest control experts to handle any infestations they have promptly.

Bed Bugs and Pathogens

Bed bugs haven’t been considered a health risk in terms of transmitting serious diseases, but that could change. Recent research shows that these pests can have protozoans inside them that are responsible for spreading Chagas disease. These protozoans are able to survive as bed bugs go through their life cycle from nymphs to adults, and they can also be a risk to humans when they are present in bed bug feces.

Chagas Disease

Chagas disease is common in parts of South America, Central America and Mexico, but experts expect it to spread to parts of NJ as well. This disease, which is typically transmitted through bites from Triatominae insects or “kissing bugs,” can cause symptoms that range from mild to potentially life-threatening. In severe cases, Chagas disease can even damage the heart.

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