News Flash: Your Drains and Pipes May Be Harboring Insects

Pests aren’t always hiding inside your walls. Some could be living in your drains and pipes, where they have access to water or a place to build a nest. Our Spring Lake pest control services can help eliminate pests that are hidden away in these parts of your home.

Pipes with Water

Pipes that have water inside them are the ideal spot for cockroaches and other bugs that look for water sources. Such pipes provide these pests with a steady supply of water. In some cases, flies and other pests are also drawn to food particles that are trapped in crevices and covered with water. Clogged drains and leaky pipes are ones that tend to have water inside them.

Pipes without Water

Pipes that are dry can also be a place where pests feel at home. Pipes and drains that aren’t used often make it easy for pests to gather and move around. These areas can become breeding grounds for these pests, since they’re unlikely to be disturbed by the sudden appearance of water flowing through. Missing tile grout, cracks around drains and pipes and faulty pipe connections can also result in pipes and drains that don’t have water.

If you have cockroaches or other pests lurking in your pipes or drains, call Allison Pest Control. Our Spring Lake pest control experts know how to find these pests and effectively get rid of them.

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