October is for Stink Bugs – What to Know

Stink bugs are normally found outside homes, but some end up inside, especially during October. When the weather starts getting cooler, these bugs gather on exterior walls and look for somewhere safe to spend the winter. Learn more about why you might need pest control services in Monmouth County if you have these bugs.

Stink Bug Problems

Stink bugs can invade NJ homes in fall while they search for shelter from the approaching cold. They can get inside your walls and other areas of your home to hide until spring. When they’re in your home, they can create problems due to the odor they release. If you crush a stink bug, it gives off a highly unpleasant smell.

Controlling Stink Bugs

You can stop stink bugs from entering your home by making sure that possible entry points are sealed, such as cracks or gaps in your exterior walls or around doors. Getting rid of moisture from pipe leaks, trimming bushes and shrubs around your home and keeping food in tightly sealed containers can also discourage these pests. If you do see stink bugs in your home, use a vacuum to get rid of them rather than crushing them.

Don’t let stink bugs cause a stink in your NJ home. Contact Allison Pest Control for reliable pest control services in Monmouth County. Our experts can rid your home of stink bugs.

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