21 Million US Homes Will See Rodents – Here’s How To ID These Pests

Rodents are one of the most common kinds of pest problems in U.S. homes. Mice and rats can easily get into homes, cause damage, and spread germs. Knowing how to identify rodents in your home can help you determine when to call a NJ rodent exterminator.


Roof rats are rodents with black fur that build nests in trees or the upper parts of homes and other structures. These rodents can carry fleas and germs.

Norway rats are brown rats that are larger than roof rats. These rats typically build nests in lower areas of homes and outdoor areas close to the ground. Norway rats can spread germs and cause significant property damage.


House mice are small rodents that are found throughout the U.S. These mice are good climbers and can build nests in walls or other areas of homes. House mice can spread germs, damage property, and ruin stored foods.

Deer mice are another common type of mouse. Unlike house mice, they tend to build nests in outdoor areas, such as tree hollows. These mice can spread diseases, including hantavirus.

Rodent Prevention

Keeping foods, including pet foods, tightly sealed, fixing leaks, emptying garbage cans, and cleaning up spills and crumbs right away helps prevent rodent infestations. Sealing small cracks can also keep rats and mice from getting into your home.

Seeing signs of rodents in your home? We can send a NJ rodent exterminator to your home to eliminate them. Please contact Allison Pest Control for more information.

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