26,000 Stinkbugs Invaded this Home – What to Know

Stink bugs are not biting or stinging insects. They won’t make you sick or cause damage to your home. However, they can cause trouble in a different way. Learn more about stink bugs and why you’ll need help from our Holmdel pest control experts if you have an infestation.

Thousands and Thousands of Stink Bugs in One Home

One unfortunate couple in South Carolina ended up with around 26,000 stink bugs in their home during fall. These pests, which are an invasive species, came in through an open door and took up residence in large numbers. The couple found them in unusual places, such as hair dryers and horse saddles. Even after they thought these bugs were gone for good, they would still find them in their home in different places.

Stink Bugs Are a Big Nuisance

Stink bugs tend to gather in very large numbers, which can make infestations difficult to deal with. Since these bugs also emit a foul smell when crushed, they have to be handled delicately. Pest control experts have the equipment and the experience needed to effectively and thoroughly remove these bugs from NJ homes, so that homeowners can rest easy.

If you’ve seen a few stink bugs in your home, don’t take chances that many more are lurking around. Contact Allison Pest Control right away, and our Holmdel pest control professionals will handle your stink bug problem.

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