NJ Carpenter Ant Control – Tips to Identifying a Carpenter Ant Problem

All kinds of ants can cause problems for you as a homeowner in NJ, but one species in particular can cause considerable damage to your house. Carpenter ants can quickly become a huge problem when infestations are left untreated. Learn more about how to spot an infestation, so you can have NJ pest control services deal with it fast.

Is It a Carpenter Ant?

How can you tell if you really have a carpenter ant problem? These ants are much bigger than sugar ants and other ant species that invade households. In fact, they can grow to be a half-inch in length as adults. Carpenter ants are usually black, but some can be a dark brown or reddish-brown color. You might also have these ants confused for termites, which have a somewhat similar appearance. However, termites don’t have a noticeable waist as carpenter ants do.

Signs of Carpenter Ant Damage

Just seeing these ants in your home doesn’t mean they’ve built a nest inside your walls. These ants forage long distances for food. Signs of a carpenter ant infestation inside your home include wood shaving piles, rustling noises in walls and the sight of these ants coming out of walls, ceilings and other hiding places rather than coming from windows or doors.

Dealing with a carpenter ant problem? Contact Allison Pest Control to learn more about our NJ pest control services for your home.

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