It’s Stink Bug Season in New Jersey! What to Know

During late summer and fall, stink bugs usually make their presence known to NJ homeowners. These invasive pests won’t bite or sting you and they won’t damage your home, but they can be a big pain to get rid of. Find out more about stink bugs, including why you should let NJ pest control services handle them.

Searching for Shelter

Stink bugs become more of a problem for homeowners as cooler weather approaches. This is when they look for places to stay during winter, which can mean inside your walls or other parts of your home. You might see these brown, shield-shaped pests flying around your home or clinging to your walls.

How to Handle Stink Bugs

If you see stink bugs in your home, don’t touch these pests. When they’re crushed, they give off an unpleasant odor and secrete chemicals that might bother your skin or your eyes. If you get rid of them on your own, make sure you sweep them into a dustpan rather than squashing them.

Keep in mind that pest control professionals can deal with these pests, so that you don’t have to worry about safely getting them out of your home.

If stink bugs are a problem in your home this time of year, contact Allison Pest Control for help. Our NJ pest control services can carefully eliminate stink bugs from your home without crushing them.

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