Avoid Folk Remedies If You Think You Have Bed Bugs

Recipes passed down through generations are wonderful, but folk remedies for bed bug control? Not so much. That was one of the recommendations coming out of a bed bug task force conference held last fall in Ohio.

Raising Public Awareness About Bed Bugs

Experts hope education will help erase the stigma of bed bug infestations and lead to more effective elimination. That was one of the goals behind the 2019 Fall Conference of the Cuyahoga Bed Bug Task Force, which took place late October in Middleburg Heights, OH.

Karen Vail, a University of Tennessee professor, was one of the featured speakers. Vail discussed the rise of bed bug infestations during the 21st century and how no types of buildings have been immune.

Treating Bed Bug Infestations

While bed bugs are not known to transmit disease, they do cause stress and anxiety, which can seriously affect quality of life. Conference speakers agreed that professional extermination is the best way to deal with bed bug infestations.

Folk remedies people have turned to include oil of lavender and dryer sheets. The experts did say that putting items through high heat, such as in a clothes dryer, can kill bed bugs and their eggs.

Heat/Steam Treatments

We use an innovative and effective use of heat and steam to solve bed bug problems. Contact us today to find out how Allison Pest Control can exterminate your bed bugs.2

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