Carpenter Ant Infestation Identification for This Spring

Think you have a carpenter ant infestation? Carpenter ants are busy in spring, which might include building a nest in your home. Having a carpenter ant infestation means you’ll need NJ ant control service, but how do you know if you have these pests? Look for any of the following signs of carpenter ants in and around your NJ home.

Physical Presence

Seeing carpenter ants making their way through your home or crawling on wooden outdoor structures might indicate an infestation. Make note of how many you’ve been seeing. A lone carpenter ant might not mean you have a problem. However, seeing a few or more could be a sign that they have a nest nearby.

Holes in Wood

Finding holes in walls, fences, railings, or other wood structures is another sign of a carpenter ant infestation to watch for. These ants tend to leave holes with some sawdust piles close by. The holes are usually smooth, unlike the rougher holes that termites make.

What to Do About Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants can form colonies with thousands of members, so it’s important to have them eliminated as soon as possible. Otherwise, they can damage your home. Have professional pest control technicians handle these pests. They can find their nest, get rid of it, and give you advice on how to prevent these pests from now on.

If you need NJ ant control service, please contact Allison Pest Control today. Our team can locate carpenter ant nests and eliminate these pests to lower the risk of property damage.

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