Not All Bees Live In Hives – Learn About NJ Ground Bees

NJ Ground Bees – you might think of hives when you picture bees. However, some types of bees nest underground instead of building a hive. Find out why you might need NJ bee control service for ground bees on your property.

What Bees Make Nests Underground?

Several kinds of bees build nests in the ground, including bees that are solitary and bees that form colonies. Solitary bees that sometimes nest underground include carpenter bees. These bees are large and sometimes confused with bumblebees, another kind of underground bee. Unlike the solitary carpenter bee, bumblebees live in colonies. Other underground bees that form colonies include common ground bees, alkali bees, and mining bees.

How Can You Tell if You Have NJ Ground Bees?

Since underground nests are hard to see, how else can you tell if you have ground bees around? Watch for bees going in and out of holes in the ground, including in piles of dirt or through gaps near wood or rocks.

Are Ground Bees Dangerous?

Many ground bees can sting, but they’re not known for being aggressive. To lower the chance of being stung while you’re walking around your yard, you should have these bee nests removed. Have professionals handle this to ensure that it’s done safely. Eliminating ground bees means you can walk around your yard without having to worry about these stinging insects.

If you need reliable NJ Ground Bees extermination services for your property, please contact Allison Pest Control. We can remove ground bee nests in your yard as safely as possible.

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