Don’t Dread These Difficult to Eliminate Pharoah Ants, We Can Help!

When you see tiny yellowish ants in your home, especially your kitchen, you might have a pharaoh ant infestation. While these pests can be difficult to handle, professional NJ ant control service can help.

Pharaoh Ant Behavior

Pharaoh ants can show up anywhere in your home. However, they tend to head for kitchens in order to search for food. You might also find these ants in other areas, such as in fridge insulation and behind baseboards. When pharaoh ants find a good source of food, they typically establish a colony quickly. Cleaning up crumbs and keeping food in airtight containers can help prevent this from happening.

Pharaoh Ant Nests

Many types of ants only have one colony or nest to find and eliminate. Pharaoh ants are known to have multiple nests or colonies, which makes them much more difficult to get rid of. These ants can form multiple colonies in a short amount of time, so it’s important to deal with infestations as soon as possible.

Treating Pharaoh Ant Infestations

It’s best to leave this to pest control experts. Using pesticides on pharaoh ant nests just causes these ants to scatter and build new nests. Pest control experts know how to effectively find and eliminate pharaoh ant nests in order to put a stop to infestations instead of making them worse.

If you need NJ ant control service for pharaoh ants or other ants in your home, contact Allison Pest Control. Our pest control professionals can locate and eliminate ant nests.

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