New Keystone Virus Carried by Mosquitoes Surfaces in Florida

Mosquitoes in our area are known for spreading West Nile virus, which causes many homeowners to use NJ pest control services in order to eliminate these pests. However, mosquitoes might pose another threat in the form of Keystone virus. This virus, which is spread by mosquitoes, has now been found in humans.

Recent Keystone Virus Discoveries

Researchers have found evidence of the Keystone virus in humans for the first time ever. This virus typically affects animals along the coast, especially in the eastern U.S. and the Gulf of Mexico regions. This discovery has prompted scientists to wonder if the virus has been in humans in northern Florida before and they just haven’t known about it until now. Up to 20 percent of people in the Tampa Bay area had antibodies to the Keystone virus.

About the Keystone Virus

Keystone virus is known to cause fever and a rash, although it can end up causing a brain inflammation called encephalitis. This complication can be serious, resulting in severe damage to brain cells. Scientists need to do more research to better understand the risk of Keystone virus in humans. In the meantime, wearing mosquito repellent during summer and eliminating standing water are effective ways to combat these pests.

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