Rodents NJ Residents Should Expect This Winter And How to Prevent Their Entry

Winter weather can bring rodents into your home, which can lead to the spread of germs, property damage, food contamination, and other problems. NJ rodent control service can help eliminate these pests from your home. These are the kinds of rodents you might see this winter.


House mice are commonly seen in and around homes during winter, where they look for shelter and food. Other kinds of mice, including deer mice and white-footed mice, can also get into homes.


Large, brown rats known as Norway rats and small, black rats known as roof rats can invade NJ homes when it’s cold out. Roof rates usually get in through the roof or upper areas of homes, while Norway rats stay closer to the ground.


Voles are small, brown rodents that mostly stay outdoors. These rodents can cause damage to gardens and trees, since they dig in the ground. Voles are less likely to invade homes compared to mice and rats.

Rodent Prevention Tips

How can you keep mice, rats, and voles away this winter? Sealing up entry points for these rodents helps stop them from getting inside your home. Storing food in sealed containers and cleaning up crumbs can also help. Other prevention methods include fixing leaks that provide rodents with water.

If your home needs NJ rodent control service, please call Allison Pest Control right away. With the right equipment, we can eliminate rodent infestations at your home this winter and stop more of them from occurring.

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