Get Ready for Mouse Season! How to Prepare for Cold Weather Move-Ins

When temperatures drop, mice appreciate a warm, cozy place to stay as much as you do. Our Sea Girt exterminator staff shares helpful tips to keep these tiny invaders from taking up residence in your comfy home.

Keep Your Home Rodent-Free During Cold Weather Months

As Benjamin Franklin famously said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Save yourself headaches with some careful planning.

  • No opening is too small for mice. Check your home’s exterior for cracks, loose shingles and other damaged areas where critters can enter. Next, make sure doors and windows are tightly sealed. Completing this step will also pay big benefits in lower energy bills.
  • Mice are notorious nibblers. Hungry rodents will zero in on the smallest amount of exposed food. Full bellies give mice incentive to stick around for easy access to meals. Cereal, crackers and other pantry items should be sealed up in air-tight, chew-proof containers. Keep the kitchen clean and sweep up any spills promptly.
  • Traditional rodent control methods, such as mouse traps and pesticides, are messy and potentially dangerous. If you feel more comfortable using one, choose a natural, eco-friendly rodent repellent that’s safe for humans and pets or contact our Sea Girt exterminator experts for suggestions.

Efficient and Cost-Effective Sea Girt Exterminator Services

If you find yourself hosting unwanted visitors this fall and winter, don’t try to evict them on your own. When you need prompt and effective Sea Girt exterminator services, contact us at Allison Pest Control or use our convenient mobile app.

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