What Types of Rodents Will New Jersey Residents See this Winter

Colder weather can increase your risk of having rodents inside your home. These types of pests want to stay warm and dry while also having easy access to water and food. You might need professional pest control in Ocean County NJ if you have any of the following rodents in your home this winter.


Norway (or brown rats) and roof rats are among the more common kinds of rodents in NJ. Norway rats are bigger and have a bulkier body and lighter fur. Roof rats tend to be darker and smaller. Norway rats are usually found close to ground level, while roof rats typically stay in higher places, such as trees and rooftops.


House mice, white-footed mice, and deer mice are all found in NJ. House mice tend to invade homes more than deer mice and white-footed mice, especially when it’s cold outside and they need to find food and shelter. However, all of these mice can spread germs, so it’s important to have infestations dealt with quickly.


Voles are a smaller type of rodent with brown fur. These rodents are mainly found outdoors, especially in or near gardens. While you might not have a vole problem in your house, these rodents can destroy gardens and younger trees in yards due to their digging and tunneling behavior.

If your home has a rodent problem, contact Allison Pest Control for help. We provide pest control in Ocean County NJ to safely eliminate mice, rats, and voles.

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