Center for Disease Control: Beware of the Diseases Carried by Mice

Mice are generally thought of as a problem when it comes to ruining food. However, these rodents can also make you sick because of the germs they carry. Learn more about diseases that mice can spread, so that you understand how important it is to have prompt pest control services in Monmouth County get rid of them for you.

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome

Deer mice and white-footed mice carry this virus, which can cause serious respiratory problems in the later stages. You can get this from mice by exposure to their droppings or urine, such as breathing in dust that contains them.


Mice can spread this bacterial illness, which can have potentially life-threatening complications, such as meningitis, liver failure and kidney damage. Drinking water or consuming food that is contaminated with mouse urine can put you at risk of catching this disease.


Mice can also spread salmonellosis, which is a bacterial disease that causes abdominal cramps, diarrhea and other symptoms. Without treatment, this illness can become serious and potentially life-threatening. You can get this disease when you consume food or water that has been contaminated by mouse feces.

If you have mice in your home, please contact Allison Pest Control as soon as you can. We can provide pest control services in Monmouth County to safely eliminate these rodents from your home and keep you safe from the diseases they carry.

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