Five Types of Property Damage Caused By Mice and Rats

Kids may think mice and rats make cute pets, but the truth is that these rodents are seriously destructive. Our exterminator Ocean County NJ warns of five major types of damage mice and rats can wreak in your home or building.

Five Types of Property Damage Caused by Rodent Infestation

1. Insulation keeps your house comfortable, so it’s no surprise that rats and mice find it a great material for building cozy nests. They will either shred the insulation or simply burrow directly into it.

2. Rodents need to gnaw continuously to keep their perpetually growing teeth at a manageable size. Anything is fair game, including the insulation around electrical wires, which can result in malfunctions and even fires.

3. Thanks to their size, rodents can enter a building through surprisingly small openings. But if they happen to find a hole that’s not quite big enough, they won’t hesitate to gnaw and tear at it until they can fit through.

4. Rats and mice have notoriously bad hygiene, leaving trails of urine and feces in their wake. In addition to damaging surfaces, this nasty habit serves as a siren call to other rodents while spreading germs that pose a health threat.

5. Hungry rodents will raid your kitchen counters and cabinets in search of food. Cardboard boxes and paper wrappings are a minor obstacle that’s easily overcome.

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