Yellow Ants in the Kitchen? What to Know About Pharoah Ants

You might be used to seeing little black ants outside, but what happens if you’re seeing tiny yellow ants in your house? These ants, known as pharaoh ants, can be hard to get rid of without NJ ant control service. Find out more about pharaoh ants.

Where Pharaoh Ants Invade

Out of all the places in your home that these ants might invade, you’re most likely to find them in your kitchen. Pharaoh ants in your home will be looking for food, which can draw them to your kitchen counters, pantry, and other areas where even tiny bits of food are available. If your home provides them with enough food, these ants can end up building a colony and expanding rapidly.

Multiple Nests

Other ants might have one nest or colony in homes, but pharaoh ants are different. These ants tend to build more than one nest or colony. This allows them to build their population fast while also making it harder to eliminate them.

What to Do About Pharaoh Ants

Making sure food is tightly sealed and no crumbs are around your home helps keep these ants away. If you have them, you should let professional pest control technicians handle them. These experts know how to identify pharaoh ant nests and get rid of them. This lowers your risk of continuing to have pharaoh ant infestations.

If you need NJ ant control service, contact Allison Pest Control. We can eliminate pharaoh ants or any other kinds of ants that are in your home.

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