NJ Termite Control – Termites or Carpenter Ants How to ID Your Pest

Termites and carpenter ants are two kinds of bugs that can do a lot of damage to homes. How can you tell which one you need NJ pest control services for? Since these two insects are often confused, it’s important to know the differences between them.

Physical Differences

Carpenter ants have thinner waists and antennae that are bent or crooked. They also have a pair of shorter wings in back and a pair of longer wings in front. These ants are typically a darker color or a reddish color.

Termites have no noticeable waist and a rectangular body, as well as straight antennae. They also have two different pairs of wings that are the same shape and size. These wings measure longer than the length of the termite’s body. Termites are lighter in color and have a translucent appearance.

Differences in Behavior

Carpenter ants are frequently seen out and about as they look for food, while termites remain hidden away inside wood structures.

When it comes to wood, carpenter ants carve through it to build nests. However, they don’t actually consume the wood as termites do. Termites chew and digest wood as they go through it building their nests and tunnels.

Whether you have carpenter ants or termites, it’s crucial to have NJ pest control services handle them as quickly as possible. Contact Allison Pest Control to learn more about our services.

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