New Jersey’s Growing Health Threat from Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Warmer temperatures overall are creating longer seasons for mosquitoes to stay active. This could lead to serious problems with one type of mosquito that is known for carrying diseases. You might end up needing mosquito control services in Monmouth County more often if these mosquitoes become regular NJ residents.

Mosquitoes and Infectious Diseases

While some mosquitoes in NJ are already known to carry West Nile virus, another type could become an even bigger problem in our area. Aedis aegypti mosquitoes can spread Zika virus and Chikungunya, as well as yellow fever and dengue. These mosquitoes aren’t very common in NJ, but scientists are warning that they could become more numerous  as temperatures continue to climb year after year.

Some of the diseases these mosquitoes carry can be serious, especially for people with weakened immune systems. This makes mosquito control an important part of reducing the threat of these mosquitoes.

Mosquito Control in NJ

While you don’t have to worry about Aedis aegypti mosquitoes invading your yard just yet, that could change in the near future. Professional mosquito control provides a way for you to protect your property from these pests and the diseases they carry. Making sure you don’t have standing water in your yard also helps.

Our mosquito control services in Monmouth County can protect you from these disease-carrying bugs. Contact Allison Pest Control for more information.

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