Rutgers University: Ants – A Pest of the Ancients

Homeowners often hire professional NJ ant control service during the summer months, since these pests can be hard to get rid of. While people have been battling ants for a long time, ants have been fighting among themselves even longer.

Ancient Enemies

Ants have been fighting each other for the past 99 million years at least. Researchers have found that these ancient ants would often fight over territory or food. While ants within colonies typically don’t fight each other, ants from the same species but different colonies commonly do battle. Ants have also been known to fight other species of ants. Experts have found that ants started fighting during the Cretaceous Period when dinosaurs were around. Scientists made this discovery after finding fighting ants trapped in amber.

Modern-Day Ants

Ancient ants found in amber aren’t all the same as the ants that are around today. Scientists estimate that there are roughly 13,000 species of modern-day ants. Some of these are related to the ancient ants from the Cretaceous period. Today’s ants work together within colonies as ancient ones did. They also battle ants from other colonies over food and territories. However, today’s ants don’t have enormous jaws as ancient ants did. Scientists aren’t sure why those ants from long ago became extinct.

Since modern-day ants can form large colonies, it’s important to have pest control experts handle them. If you’re looking for NJ ant control service, contact Allison Pest Control. We can make sure your home or yard isn’t overrun with ants.

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