Do You Really Want to Know These Things About Termites?

Termites may not sound like an exciting topic of discussion. But as a frequent target of NJ pest control, termites are something every property owner should learn about. Here are some helpful facts about this potentially destructive pest.

Types of Termites and Nesting Behavior

Like most insects, termites come in different species. While drywood and Formosan termites have not been identified in New Jersey, Eastern subterranean termites are quite common and cause a significant amount of damage.

True to their name, subterranean termites nest underground. They generally enter buildings through wood that touches the ground or through cracks in foundations. Termites often construct mud tubes to connect their nests with above-ground food sources.

When Termites Swarm

Once a colony is well-established, termites will head out in swarms to reproduce and seek new areas for expansion. Swarms usually occur on a warm day after a rainfall. Eastern subterranean termites swarm from March through May, while dark Southeastern subterranean termites continue swarming through June.

New Jersey is in TIP (Termite Infestation Probability) Zone #2, which is classified as moderate to heavy. If you spot swarms around your building, that is likely a sign of infestation.

Effective NJ Pest Control for Termites and Other Insects

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