Keep Pantry Pests From Invading Your New Jersey Business

When you own a restaurant, grocery store, or other business that sells or makes food, pantry pests can be a common problem. These pests are known to invade food supplies and lay eggs or feed on them, so that they need to be discarded. This can end up costing businesses a significant amount of money. Our NJ pest control service can help lower your risk of having pantry pest problems.

Common Types of Pantry Pests

Sawtooth grain beetles are small reddish-brown beetles that feed on oats, rice, flours, cereals, and other grains. These can reproduce quickly, leading to a large infestation.

Indian meal moths are small moths with coppery markings on their wings. These moths feed on grains, nuts, dried fruits, and other foods.

Drugstore beetles are tiny, brownish or dark reddish beetles that feed on spices, cereals, and other products.

Rice weevils are dark brown bugs with thick bodies. They feed on rice and other foods, such as barley and corn.

Integrated Pest Management for Businesses

Integrated pest management services are an effective way to prevent pantry pests from taking over your business. These services involve treating pantries, kitchens, and other areas to stop pantry pests from invading. This type of approach also involves having inspections done to check for signs of pantry pest problems, so they can be eliminated as soon as possible.

Dealing with pantry pests in your business? Allison Pest Control can help. Please contact us to learn more about our NJ pest control service for commercial properties.

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