Carpenter Ants versus Termites – Which Are Worse?

Both termites and carpenter ants are bad news for homeowners. These pests destroy wood inside homes or outdoor structures. But which is worse to have? Learn more about termites and carpenter ants, including when it’s time to look for pest control services near you.

Early Signs of an Infestation

It’s usually easier to see signs of a carpenter ant problem compared to termites. Carpenter ants send scouts out to look for food, so you might see them inside your home. Termites don’t have scouts to send out in visible areas of your home. Instead, they remain inside walls and other structures consuming wood. This allows termites to keep doing damage for a long time before they’re discovered.

Wood Damage

Carpenter ants and termites both destroy wood, but in different ways. Termites consume or eat cellulose in wood. This can severely weaken wood walls or other parts of your home. In serious cases, homes can become uninhabitable due to termite damage.

Carpenter ants also damage wood, but they don’t consume it. Instead, they tunnel through wood to build nests. While this does cause some damage, it’s usually not as severe as termite damage.

Colony Sizes

Termites and carpenter ants can build huge colonies, but one is much worse than the other. Termite colonies can number in the millions. Carpenter ant colonies usually have thousands rather than millions.

What to Do About Termites or Carpenter Ants

No matter which pest you have, professional help is important. Pest control technicians can find and destroy ant or termite nests before they’re able to do more damage to your home.

Looking for pest control services near you? At Allison Pest Control, our team can handle a termite or carpenter ant problem. Contact us to schedule service.

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