What Would Happen If There Were No Wasps?

During summer, many homeowners look for an NJ wasp exterminator to get rid of these stinging insects. While wasps can sting, which can be dangerous for those with allergies, they can actually be ecologically beneficial.


Wasps, including paper wasps, and hornets, pollinate plants. Without their help, we would’t have some of the crops we currently enjoy. Wasps play an important role in our local ecosystem through their pollinating behavior.

Pest Control

Did you know that wasps help control local insect populations? This means you can thank wasps for doing their part to reduce insect pests in our area. Paper wasps and hornets feed on other bugs and carry some back to their nest to feed their young. This helps prevent some insect pest populations from rapidly growing.

Cleanup Services

Some wasps help by scavenging dead bugs. Yellow jackets feed on these bugs, which helps prevent them from accumulating and forming piles. Getting rid of dead bugs can also help keep any pests that feed on them away.

Yeast Source

Wasps feed on grapes, which contain high amounts of wild yeast. Feeding on these grapes help them spread yeast, so that more crops can grow. Without wasps, we might not have an easy time making wine, bread, and other foods and beverages that require yeast.

If you’re looking for an NJ wasp exterminator for your yard or home, please contact Allison Pest Control. We can remove wasps that are being a nuisance or possible danger to you and your family.

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