Rutgers University: Cicada Killer Wasp Information

If you’ve seen large wasps in your yard, they might be cicada killer wasps. These wasps can be alarming thanks to their size and dive-bombing behavior, but how much of a threat are they? Learn more about these wasps, including when to hire NJ wasp control service if you see them around.

Cicada Wasp Killer Description

What do these wasps look like? Female cicada wasp killers can measure up to 1 3/4 inches long, while males can measure up to 1 1/4 inches long. These wasps have yellow, black, and red coloring, making them easy to spot. They also have a thick waist rather than the thinner waist that other types of wasps have.

Cicada Wasp Killer Behavior

Although cicada wasp killers can seem scary, you’re unlikely to be stung by them. Males don’t have a stinger. Their dive-bombing behavior is done to try and scare people away, but they’re not able to sting. Females do have a stinger, but it’s a weak one. They use their stinger to stun their prey, which is cicadas. Cicada killer wasps aren’t known to be aggressive toward humans.

Cicada Wasp Killer Nests

These wasps build nests underground. You might not need to have them removed if you only have a single nest. Having multiple nests in your yard can become a nuisance, though.

For NJ wasp control service this season, please contact Allison Pest Control. We can eliminate cicada killer wasps or other wasps that are building nests in your yard or home.

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