Cut Off Ant Access to Your Home’s Resources

It doesn’t take long for ants to become a problem in NJ homes during summer. These small bugs can invade kitchens and other areas that give them access to water and food. In addition to professional Monmouth ant control, the following tips can help you get rid of these pests.

Find and Eliminate Nesting Sites

Getting rid of ants for good means finding out where their nesting sites are. You might need to remove landscaping material, excess vegetation and other debris from your yard in order to determine where these nesting sites are located. Destroying the nests helps prevent them from being able to keep reproducing.

Get Rid of Water and Food Sources

Ants will hang around your home if they have plenty of food and water. Repair leaks around your home to eliminate water sources. You should also sweep floors and wipe down counters and sinks to remove food debris that ants might come after.

Seal Entries

Ants can get into homes through tiny gaps and openings. Seal these access points to keep them out of your home. You should also trim branches so that they don’t brush up against the outside of your home

Hire Professional Pest Control

Pest control experts can make sure your home is rid of ants and provide additional advice for keeping them out.

If you’re looking for dependable Monmouth ant control for your home, please contact Allison Pest Control. Our pest control team offers reliable ways to eliminate ants in NJ homes.

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