Why Are Hornets So Agressive?

Hornets have a reputation for being fierce and aggressive, causing many NJ homeowners to fear them. While you should always rely on Middlesex hornet removal experts to eliminate these pests, learning more about why they act this way can be helpful.

Guarding Nests in Early to Mid-Summer

When hornets attack people during this part of summer, it’s usually to defend their nest. You might be stung if you get too close to a colony of hornets. Keep in mind that their nests might not be easy to see, although some can get very large. In some cases, hornets build nests in holes in the ground, so watch where you step. Hornets usually don’t attack when they’re flying around elsewhere, since they’re focused on gathering food for their young at this time.

Looking for Food in Late Summer

Hornets tend to become more aggressive in late summer, whether they’re near their nest or flying around in other areas. During this time, hornets fly around looking for food for themselves, which can make them more likely to sting you if you encounter them. You can lower your risk of hornet attacks by watching for nests, avoiding wearing sweet-smelling perfumes or body sprays, and keeping food, drinks, and garbage in containers with tight seals.

If you need Middlesex hornet removal, please contact Allison Pest Control as soon as possible. Our experts can safely get rid of these pests, so you don’t have to risk being stung in your yard or home this summer.

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