EEE is Associated with New Jersey Mosquitoes – What to Know

Your Monmouth County NJ pest control companies are always trying to stay on top of current trends; especially when it comes to new viruses and other diseases that are spread by pests. A rare virus called EEE has been identified in New Jersey and unfortunately, it’s spreading. Let’s talk more about what EEE is.

What is EEE?

Eastern equine encephalitis, or EEE, is a virus that can be spread by mosquitoes. If you or someone you love has EEE, you could experience the following symptoms:

• Fevers

• Lethargy

• Brain infections

• Headaches

Unfortunately, this virus can also be deadly. Your Monmouth County NJ pest control companies are advising people to get medical help right away if they develop any of these symptoms.

What You Need to Know About the EEE Outbreak in New Jersey

New cases of EEE were identified in New Jersey in 2019. Health department officials found 65 mosquitoes tested positive for EEE last year, and 13 counties were said to be impacted, including Monmouth. This is a serious issue, and it should not be taken lightly.

How Can Monmouth County NJ Pest Control Companies Help? 

Your Monmouth County NJ pest control companies are well aware of where EEE is coming from, and we know the best ways to treat mosquito infestations. If you or someone you love develops any of these symptoms, then it will be wise to treat your property.

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