Three Reasons You Are Seeing Stink Bugs This Late NJ Winter

If stink bugs make their way into your home this winter, as the name implies, you’re likely to smell them before you see them. Our pest control Toms River NJ experts explain what these nasty insects are up to this time of year.

Why Am I Seeing Stink Bugs?

1. Like most insects, stink bugs don’t fare well in cold temperatures. When winter rolls around, they want to find a place where they can stay warm and cozy, well-protected from potential predators. What’s a better shelter than the spaces inside the walls of your home? Attics and basements are also likely spots, since there’s not usually a lot of human activity in those areas.

2. Unlike regular guests, stink bugs don’t need the invitation of an open door. They can make their way inside through the smallest of spaces, whether it’s a crack in the foundation or a gap along the edge of a door or window.

3. Perhaps you discovered stink bugs in your home during the fall and thought you had eliminated the problem. Unfortunately, stink bugs are resistant to pesticides, so your solution may not have been effective. In addition, you may treat the stink bugs you see, but that still leaves the ones who are hidden.

Safe and Effective Pest Control Toms River NJ Solutions

Stink bugs, rodents and other pests can invade your home during any season. Get peace of mind when you contact us at Allison Pest for year-round integrated pest management services.

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