What to Know About October Stink Bugs in New Jersey

By their nature, most insects are unwanted pests inside your home, but their name indicates that stink bugs possess an additional element of nuisance. Our Freehold exterminator experts share some interesting facts about stink bugs and why October is a time to be wary.

History and Physical Characteristics

More properly called brown marmorated stink bugs, these pests are native to Asia. The species first arrived in the continental United States in 1996, when they showed up in Pennsylvania before spreading to New Jersey and the rest of the country.

Stink bugs are most readily identified by their distinctive triangular shield-like shape and mottled grayish-brown hue. They also have six legs and grow to approximately 3/4″ in length.

Behavior and Habits

In early fall, like many of their fellow insects, stink bugs begin searching for warmer quarters. Thanks to their small size, stink bugs can find their way indoors through the tiniest openings around doors, windows and other vulnerable spots in a home.

While stink bugs pose no known health threat, their presence can be annoying, to say the least. The most unpleasant aspect is the dreadful odor stink bugs emit when they feel threatened, which is why the job of eliminating them should be left to Freehold exterminator professionals.

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