New Jersey Wood Damaging Pests: Carpenter Bees

When you see large bees buzzing around your home’s exterior rather than around flowers, they’re not bumble bees. It’s easy to mistake carpenter bees for bumble bees, but they’re two very different species. Find out more about these wood-destroying bees, and get help from a NJ carpenter bee exterminator if you see them.

Physical Appearance

Carpenter bees aren’t quite as fuzzy as bumble bees. Instead, their abdomens are relatively hairless and smooth. They grow to be up to an inch long as adults, and they have black and yellow coloring. Males have yellow faces, while females have black faces.


Carpenter bees won’t eat the wood in your home as termites do. Instead, their diet includes nectar and pollen.


Carpenter bees aren’t big on stinging as other bee and wasp species are. Only the females have stingers, and they rarely use them. Males might fly toward you in an aggressive manner to protect their nest, but they can’t sting. These bees can hurt your home, though, by drilling holes in its exterior. Their digging can also leave stains behind, which can affect your home’s appearance. Keep in mind that these bees prefer wood surfaces that aren’t painted or finished.

If carpenter bees are damaging your home’s exterior, contact Allison Pest Control today. We can have a NJ carpenter bee exterminator inspect your home and take care of any infestations on your property.

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