Ants and Rain, There Is a Connection

Ants and rain, what’s the connection? Many species of ants in New Jersey do just fine living outdoors and building nests in the ground or in other areas outside. However, rainy weather can force these insect pests to enter homes and commercial  buildings.

Find out more about the connection between an increase in rainy weather and a higher chance of having an indoor ant problem from our Monmouth County pest control technicians. Our pest inspection is free, just call us at 800-564-4585 today.

Warmth and Shelter

Rainy weather during fall and early winter can end up destroying ant nests in the ground. In some cases, heavy rains can flood tunnels that ants have built in their colonies, which cause them to look elsewhere for a warm, dry place to stay during the winter months.

One of the easiest places for ants to go is inside homes and buildings, since they can fit through even the smallest gaps and other openings in a structure’s exterior.

Food Sources

An increase in rain can also make it harder for ants to find food in their usual outdoor spots. When ants have difficulty locating food, they tend to head indoors where they can easily find crumbs and other food sources in kitchens, cupboards and pantries. If they find plenty of food sources, they’re likely to settle in.

If you have an ant problem this winter, you can count on our Monmouth County pest control technicians for help. Call Allison Pest Control at 800-564-4585 to get more information on our services for New Jersey homeowners and business managers.

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