Carpenter Bees – Should You Take the Attitude Live and Let Live?

Carpenter bees aren’t aggressive and they don’t carry any diseases, so should you just leave them alone if you have them around? That really depends on how much damage they’re doing to your home’s exterior. Find out whether or not you need NJ pest control services to deal with these bees.

Carpenter Bee Threats

Carpenter bees don’t attack by stinging people who get too close to their nest, unlike other bee and wasp species. In fact, none of the males even have a stinger. The females do have a stinger, which they only use if they’re feeling threatened. Therefore, Carpenter bees aren’t usually a painful threat to homeowners or those with allergies. The problem with these bees comes from the damage they do to wood.

Damage from Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees make tunnels in unpainted wood, such as home exteriors and sheds. They bore into the wood, making circular holes, then dig tunnels and establish a nest. These holes start out small, but they can become larger if the bees keep using them year after year. Depending on the amount of damage carpenter bees are doing to your home, you might want to consider having them removed safely.

If you decide to get rid of carpenter bees, let our NJ pest control services handle it for you. At Allison Pest Control, we can eliminate these bees safely, so they won’t damage your home.

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