What Happens to Stink Bugs in the Winter?

Do stink bugs die out in winter? If not, where do they go to escape the cold? Since stink bugs can invade homes, it’s important to know where you might find these bugs. If you have a stink bug infestation, you’ll need a Brick exterminator to eliminate these pests.

Stink Bugs in Winter

Stink bugs can’t survive freezing temperatures, so they tend to look for a warm spot to go during winter. While some manage to find these spots outdoors, such as under weeds or ground cover, others head inside if they find an entry point. Once they’re inside, stink bugs typically stay out of sight and hide until spring comes.

Overwintering Stink Bugs

Stink bugs can easily gain entry through small gaps you might have in your home, such as around windows. Overwintering stink bugs usually don’t come out from hiding when it’s still cold outside. When temperatures begin to rise in the spring, you’ll see these bugs as they emerge inside your home.

Dealing with Stink Bugs

You should avoid crushing stink bugs if you find them indoors. They give off a bad odor when crushed, which is why they’re called stink bugs. You can carefully remove them with a vacuum, but you should have an exterminator handle a stink bug infestation.

If you need a Brick exterminator to rid your home of stink bugs, contact Allison Pest Control. Our team can help you eradicate a stink bug infestation in your NJ home.

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