What’s a Spider Cricket?

If you’ve seen a bug in your basement that looks sort of like a cross between a spider and a cricket, that pest is known as a spider cricket or camel cricket. These large crickets can become a problem for NJ homeowners when they invade residences. You might need professional pest control in Monmouth County if you have these pests in your home.

Spider Cricket Characteristics

Spider crickets are large, brown crickets that can seem like a wolf spider when you see them at first. They’re roughly the same size as wolf spiders, but they have the arched body and bent legs of a cricket. Spider crickets can sometimes try to bite or gnaw if you handle them, but their jumping behavior is what usually scares people. When these crickets are nervous, they jump toward whatever they think is a threat to them.

Problems with Spider Crickets

Spider crickets can chew their way through various household materials, and they’re known to have huge appetites. They can also reproduce, leading to a bigger infestation in homes. You’re most likely to find these bugs in basements and other areas that offer a damp and dark environment, which is where they prefer to hide out.

If you need pest control in Monmouth County for spider crickets, please contact Allison Pest Control. We can get these bugs out of your basement and other areas of your home for you.

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