Four Facts About The Common NJ Yellow Sac Spider

Are you looking for pest control in my area because you’ve spotted northern yellow sac spiders lurking around your home? Here are four facts you should know about this insect that’s commonly found in NJ.

Four Facts About Northern Yellow Sac Spiders

1. As implied by their name, their coloring is one of the more distinctive features of northern yellow sac spiders. Their abdomens range from yellow to tan, and many times they have a greenish tinge. In addition, about halfway down the abdomen there is a dark stripe that runs lengthwise. The tips of the legs are dark, as is the face of the cephalothorax, which is the fusion of head and thorax.

2. Northern yellow sac spiders are relatively small, averaging about 3/8″ in length. If the legs are included in the measurement, they run to about 5/8″. This species also has four pairs of eyes that are all the same size.

3. While many types of spiders spin webs to catch prey, it’s different with northern yellow sac spiders. They hunt prey at night and spin thin, cocoon-like webs during the day in order to hide.

4. Bites from a northern yellow sac spider are serious business. Their venom is not as dangerous as that of the brown recluse, but their bites can often cause heavy swelling and open sores.

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