Can You Hear Me Now? This Woman’s Harrowing Story of A Brown Recluse Spider In Her Ear

You might worry about being bitten by a spider when you reach into a closet or box, but they can show up in much worse places. In fact, a woman in Kansas City, MO had a venomous brown recluse spider in her ear. Learn more about this incident and whether or not you should be worried about New Jersey venomous spiders showing up in your home.

Ear Spider

The woman in Kansas City who had a spider in her ear thought she had water in it. When she went to the doctor to have it checked, a brown recluse spider was removed from her ear. The venomous spider thankfully didn’t bite her, but it had been hiding inside her ear. The woman now puts cotton balls in her ears at night to prevent this from happening again. This isn’t the first time a brown recluse has been found in someone’s ear. A few other individuals have had this same thing happen.

Venomous Spiders

Brown recluses are among the most venomous spiders found in NJ. Their bites can cause severe and even life-threatening reactions in some people. You might find these spiders hiding in boxes or other out of the way places in your NJ home.

If your home has a spider problem, contact Allison Pest Control. Our experts can eliminate New Jersey venomous spiders from your home to keep you safe.

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