National Bed Bug Infestation Trends

Bed bug activity is still up overall, but seasonal trends show that these pests aren’t being quite as active as they were last year. A Bed Bug Activity Survey from BedBug Central explored trends across the U.S., which showed some notable results. Although activity has been lower so far, these pests are still keeping NJ pest control services professionals busy.

Trends by Location

Bed bug activity continues to rise in the eastern part of the country, especially in the northeast. Bed bug activity has been slower or about even compared to last year in the central and western parts of the country overall.

Seasonal Bed Bug Trends

Bed bug activity tends to heat up during the summer months and slow down over the winter months. While these pests can be active all year round, pest control experts believe that the higher summer activity could be linked to more people traveling around. This means that there’s still time this summer for bed bugs to continue to be a problem in the NJ area. As the weather gets colder, your chance of having a problem with these pests is typically lower, although you can still end up with an infestation.

If you have bed bugs in your NJ home, contact Allison Pest Control as soon as you can. Our team can provide you with reliable and thorough NJ pest control services to deal with infestations.

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