What Does It Mean if You Find Carpenter Ants in Your Home this Winter

Carpenter ants can easily survive the winter months when they have a warm place to stay. When you see these large ants in your home, this can indicate that you have a carpenter ant infestation. A Freehold exterminator can eradicate these ants from your home.

Wood Damaging Insects

Carpenter ants are among the insects that can cause serious damage to homes by destroying wood. They don’t eat wood like termites do, but they chew and tunnel their way through it as carpenter bees do. This tunneling behavior, which they do to expand their nests, leads to hollowed-out wood inside walls and other structures in homes and buildings. Over time, this can weaken these structures if carpenter ant infestations aren’t dealt with.

Reduce Your Risk of Carpenter Ants

How can you stop carpenter ants from getting into your home? These ants, which are much larger than sugar ants and many other ants, can still get in through gaps they may find in your home.

You should look for and seal any cracks or openings, such as in walls and around windows and doors. This helps keep these pests from being able to get into your home. When carpenter ants have already invaded your home, you should have a professional pest control service come out. Our services will destroy carpenter ant nests, which will stop your infestation.

If you need a Freehold exterminator for carpenter ants, please contact Allison Pest Control. Our trained and experienced professionals can get rid of carpenter ant nests in your home.

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